About our Company

Womar Serwis has been active in the market since 1999. Our headquarters are located in Krakow, No. 5 Przykopy St. In 2015, our Company added to its portfolio Services for Agriculture in the broad sense, and bulk and retail sales of agricultural produce. Our business activity is conducted in our newly established branch in Łowicz Wałecki, Mirosławiec Borough, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, which advertises itself as Womar Agro Serwis for distinction. The Company has modern and highly efficient farm equipment, as well as storage and equipment base, office, social facilities and external warehouse. At the moment, it provides professional services for five modern, ecological farms (arable crops and forage crops) in Łowicz Wałecki (95 hectares in total) and Nowa Studnica, Tuczno Borough, sized 150 ha. The primary scope of work involved reclamation of land and bringing highly neglected areas to proper agricultural condition. At the moment, ca. 150 ha of land is used for cultivation of protein crops (alfalfa and clover) used in the production of ecological silage, and ca. 100 ha – for ecological lentil. Besides typical agricultural services, the Company has built approximately 1500 running metres of drainage systems (draining for fields, drainage of overflow areas, swamps), ca. 5000 running metres of fencing with forest mesh supported on metal structure (reduction of damage caused by animals), reestablishment of boundaries, maintenance works (stubbing, underground mulching with specialised equipment), mechanical removal of rocks from fields, liming, fertilisation, seeding and harvesting in current year. Already in the years 2016 and 2017 the material was gathered from two swaths (establishment of crops), while in 2018 and the following years harvest is planned from 4-5 swaths at total yield reaching 40-50 t/ha. The services are provided with the most modern and highly efficient equipment, e.g. Giga CUT 9.4 m mowing set, McHale wrapper-press (pressure reaching 200 bar), grassland maintenance unit, specialised trailer used for transporting eco silage bales (28 pcs.), modern tractors (with GPS navigation), etc.

As much as our equipment has spare capacity, we come out with our offer of services for the neighbouring farms (min. land area 10-20 ha). Details and proposed service prices are provided in the section OFFER. VAT invoices or fiscal receipts are issued for all services.

We are also interested in long-term lease or usage agreements for larger land areas (within the distance of 20-30 km).

Our Company is also involved in agricultural produce broking and sale. At the moment, we have ca. 300 t of high-protein eco-silage, alfalfa, red clover from swath 1 and 2, most of it with ecological certificate (ballots ca. 600-700 kg/piece). Produce collected with own transport. For those who are interested, we organise and coordinate external transport (the so-called empty mileage) through cooperation with few home carriers. Prices and trading conditions are provided in the section OFFER.

We invite you to cooperate with us, and we guarantee high, professional level of services.

eco-silage, crops and harvest sale

Wojciech Trzciński