Ekologiczny owies oraz wysokobiałkowa kiszonka i sianokiszonka w atrakcyjnych cenach

Our Company sells high-protein silage based on alfalfa and red clover.

High quality sowable material (seeding in spring 2016).
Alfalfa – American variety PERFECTA (purity 99.9% , germination 83 %, cert. 10187227 of January 18, 2016)
Red, meadow clover LUCRUM C/1 (cert. Wlon0966/2015)

Material from two farms ca. 100 ha. ecological, during conversion period.
Material from third farm ca. 40 ha conventional

Tests performed by PFHBiPM (Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers)

Silage produced in ballots 125×125 (using McHale wrapper-press, high pressure ca. 200 bar), weight 600-700 kg/piece. Ex-works price (we provide loading). We issue VAT invoices or fiscal receipts.

Net price 60 PLN/piece material 2016
Net price 95 PLN/piece material 2017

In case of large orders both prices are negotiable.

We also organise truck transport (TIR) through cooperation with carriers (management of the so-called empty mileage). Price is negotiable after placing the order.